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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Planning for a rally ride

This is a work in progress :) We're meeting up with about 20 of our closest riding friends that we've met over the past two years at the Potato Ranch Rally near Durango, Colorado. Its just 16 days away - and we're so 'cited! Its not a 'sanctioned' rally in the way of sponsors - nah, we do our own agenda and fun :)

Here's our route so far (link)

I've had my bike lowered, adjustable levers installed, throttle fixed, new knobbie tires installed (Mefo). The tires have been awesome on dirt and gravel. Wolfram is having a service done to the Dakar. 

We might be inducting a friend to our BeginnerBiker circle - so we're very pysched about that.

Gotta remember to do a full T-CLOC , especially checking the coolant. The wild card is the weather - will it snow? How much cold and hot weather gear do we need to bring? Food? wa?

More to come!

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