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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

URLs to have on hand

http://terraunbound.smugmug.com/ - current photo site
http://www.imageevent.com/terraunbound - my photo site (old)
http://www.pbase.com/terraunbound - even older photo site

- weather in Tuscany

http://www.comune.roccastrada.gr.it/inglese/inglese_trekking.htm - hiking trails near roccastrada

Pulling it all together

We're leaving for Italy in two days! Yippee! I've got all my gear ready, now its time to see if I can fit any clothes. Just kidding. Not really.

And I thought it might be nice to share my photos and our experiences while we're in Tuscany - if we're near any wireless that is. If not, oh well; I can upload later.

The past week I've been gathering info on terme (spas), topo maps, hikes, market days, cool photo spots, and anything Etruscan... if it becomes useful I might post some of it later. First though I want to pull into this site some important URLs to have on hand while traveling... and sipping capuccino, etc. -seo

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