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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall colors 2009

Early Saturday morning. I should be asleep. But something gets me up - not the cat asking for food. I decide to get my Craig's list posting ready. I need a pic of my beloved Ariel.  I get dressed, pull on a sweatshirt and go downstairs to uncover my girl. 

The lighting is all wrong. Now that its not summer, the sun is lighting her hind end - not exactly the most flattering angle on any fem. I take a pic 

and then start her up. mmm, the battery is a little low, guess we need to go for a ride.

And thus starts a photo shoot, lead peeping series of rides.

Careful, if you are sensitive, these scooter pics might be too much. I warned you :)

OK, which is your favorite?

Then I found a Forest Service road that  led somewhere unknown...

I rush home. Everyone on the road is in a good mood and we wave. I roust my DH from bed - YOU MUST SEE THESE TREES - THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Half hour later we are on the road...

The traffic is getting thick

A lemonade stand! Along Peak to Peak!

We go back out today for some backroad investigation

dang, the wind knocked down some leaves

The grasses have taken on a subtle shade of tan-brown

uh oh, clouds 

staying hydrated in the wind

We ride to Rollinsville and Tolland Road. The leaves are not totally changed

but some are

More at: http://www.terraunbound.com/Scooters-scootering-scooter/But-they-are-THIS-YEARS-colors/

Stay tuned

Monday, September 14, 2009

Packing List for Road Trip

Our packing list for a three day motorcycle trip in the summer for two people. We packed our bulky stuff into reusable grocery bags which fit very nicely into the side cases. Bob wore a backpack and I had a tank bag. I chose not to take the top box because it was going to be windy on the plains and I didn't want to fight the wind more than I needed to.

I wore:
wool socks
mesh & armor overpants
bicycle shorts
riding jacket
earplugs (I wore them when we were getting onto the highway, in-town riding I need to be able to hear the traffic around me)
gauntlet leather gloves

In tank bag
good camera w/ 10-20mm wide angle lens
microfiber cloth
baseball cap
maps (on top)
GPS (on top)

Ram mount w/ small camera w/ tether

Take with (side cases):
other maps
camera bag w/
100-300mm lens, macro 50mm, camera goodies
camera (2) +cell chargers, plus batteries
toiletries + bug spray
sunglasses case w/ cleaner
rain jacket + waterproof pants liners
poly-pro sweater
1 extra t-shirt, undies, socks, etc

plus evening wear
nice shirt

food / water
2 liters / person
kashi bars
choc covered almonds

trash bags - 1 / side case
v. large ziplock for camera

tools etc
tire gauge
6-way screwdriver w/
torx bits
adjustable wrench
zip ties
duct tape
velcro ties
cell phone

I brought too much stuff - too much clothing really. The torx driver was well worth having since we needed to check our coolant levels daily (and there are 6 screws to remove). And while we didn't need any extra tools, when riding on dirt roads in National Forests with limited cell coverage, being a bit prepared is a good thing to do.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Short rides on dirt

OK then. We decided to a suite of dirt rides since it was Labor Day weekend and the last place we really wanted to be was on the main roads.

So, off we go for a quick jaunt up to the old Caribou town site. This 'ghost' town had been the home of some 5000 souls and the Caribou Silver Mine. Now, it has just a few ruins from the late 1800's.

A very nice ride up a fairly well maintained dirt road, with occasional stretches of bedrock peeking through is rewarded by spectacular views. We were surprised to find the trees changing color so early in September.

And then off to Sawmill Rd...

This one shows the real steepness of the road. With sharp drop offs. No pressure. Really.

Back to Apex...

It turns out that the cemetery (the Catholic one) has a number of interesting gravestones.

This one is Woodman of World.

A complete section of Italian graves. So many people died young in the mines...

And this structure we thought might be a tomb, but perhaps its for holding the lime?

Rest in peace yea brave miners and families of yester-year

Nevada City feels like it should be alive and yet there's one family house that I could see

Well - shoot! This is supposed to be pic #1, where are trips often begin.

Someone's skid lid...

Just 1.8 mil. A bargain.

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