... to experience ... to share ... to photograph ... people to talk to ... to live...to scoot...to ride

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ok, here's a summary of today's ride.

off road scootering
to see what's over this hill?
far from well paved roads.

explosive colors
quiet headstones of times past
snowy mountains soar

dirt bikes, atvs
they stare as i ride by them
a scooter out here?

Cross the stream gently
Dodge cobbles and jump sharp rocks
Yes! We can do this!

Oh no. Snow on road.
Slide across ice, whoops I go!
thank g-d for good gear.

scooter on her side
I slide into ditch unharmed
You 'K, ask Dirt Bikes?

Yes, I smile, [don't cry!]
Slowly continue through snow
DH high-5s me

Another two miles
creeping through mud, ice and snow
finally pavement!

We wave two fingers
Cruisers, rockets, scooters share

Snow scooter is home.
Each scratch tells its own story
Can we go again?
get up. feed the cats.
open laptop. write haiku.
wait for sun to rise.

Ariel is free
to scoot and jump and roll, past
elk and hummingbirds

she's purring softly
through dappled light and white snow
my scooter is me

is that my shadow
rolling with me through the curve?
tickled pink, I smile.

Ariel scooter
blasts through a set of long curves,
I yell and go Wheeeee!

silly barn swallows,
why do you dive right in front
of my tires at night?

be safe, wear helmet.
keep the rubber side down please.
slow, look, press, and roll

Ariel is my mine!
My scooter to ride, my own.
gravity rules all

My precious scooter
has a small white boo boo smudge
darn you icy steps

I get off the bus
and see my scooter, waiting,
ready to have fun

they slow, stop and stare
hey! she's riding a scooter
Yes we can.

we are women and
we can do anything* we
want to; just watch us!

[*nod to my friends' niece Julianne]

We can RIDE our own.
scooters and motorcycles
brings us freedom now

blogging by lamp light.
my kitties dream of plump mice
I dream of vroom vroom!

A late sun warms us
as we lean into the curves
scooting makes me free!

growl, hiss, fluff, and spit
Cat hates having his hair brushed
he's old, I love him.

here we go scooting
on another adventure
it is so freeing

luna curls up tight
betelgeuse curls up tighter
me in the middle

its chilly and dark
the day is new, full of life
zoom zoom here we go

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